Our Program

Our Programs

Happy Hours Preschool Kindergarten program ensures that the children are involved in many experiences, which meets the various developmental areas required for different stages of their lives.

Our program ensures that the children are becoming involved in both indoor and outdoor experiences as well as the many curriculum activities we have to offer, which also aid in the children’s continual interests to learn and succeed.

Our service ensues that we recognise each of the children as individual learners who already have their own preferred learning methods in which they respond best to. We encourage the awareness of diversity, individual needs and the recognition of personal interest through understanding them as individuals and recognising the values of all.

Happy Hours Preschool Kindergarten highly believe in ensuring that each child becomes competent learners as they become actively involved in their environment and work towards achieving the goals set out in the curriculum, which promote self-esteem and the ability to understand concepts needed for the next steps in life.

Our centre provides  classes and programs to enhance their learning experiences:

Reading Programs

Our goal is to read age appropriate books each year and assist them in understanding the contents of each book. This not only inculcates vocabularies, comprehension and concentration abilities, but also help them to interact with others and become lifelong readers.

Computer Classes

Our service offers computer classes. We believe in encouraging our children to become involved in their learning with the use of many different forms of technology highly seen successful in today’s world.

This program ensures that the children gain an understanding of how to operate a computer and how to access further learning in areas such as literacy and numeracy and other areas which interest the minds of children.

Dance Classes

We offer professional dance classes, which is a creative way to get children involved in physical activity as they develop further socially and engage them in loads of fun.

Munch and Move

We offer a program known as “Munch and Move” which teaches and get children involved in a better and healthier way of living. This program enables children to physically become aware and involved in many exercises and games to promote physical fitness and healthy eating and ensures their cognitive awareness through theory based learning which has been proven to inspire all.

School Readiness Program

Our school readiness program ensures that all children are involved in daily learning tasks that ensure their development and readiness for school concentrating on language and mathematical tasks as well as the understanding the many self-help skills, social skills and concepts needed to make transition into school as enjoyable as possible.