Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

What we offer and value at our centre

We base our curriculum around the five learning outcomes. The five learning outcomes which are listed below have been put into place to ensure all children are receiving and willingly participating in a learning system that meets all individual children’s interests, beliefs and cultural attributes and ensures children are connecting in an intergrated manner within their environment. These are as follows:

1.      Children have a strong sense of identity

2.      Children are connected with and contribute to their world

3.      Children have a strong sense of wellbeing

4.      Children are confident and involved learners

5.      Children are effective communicators

We understand  that children are individual learners who have so much to offer to their world and who learn in many different manners. These 5 areas play a positive factor in the children’s everyday learning and we believe our children are learning in a way that enable them to feel comfortable as they share their beliefs and values.

What we have devised

We have developed a program that focuses on the need to get children ready for the next stages in their lives, remembering that children’s learning is ongoing. We ensure that children are involved in mathematical and language experiences. We incorporate numeracy and literacy continuously into the program in a manner in which the children willingly get involved and work towards getting ready for bigger things to come. Our program also caters for positive social skills to be recognised, cultural awareness and the belief that each individual child is important and has great and inspiring gifts to offer.


What we value as learning

Happy Hours Preschool Kindergarten provides an environment which ensures that all children feel accepted and cared for, an environment which values the gifts that all children have to offer and which are recognised each day into the wonderful learning in which the children continuously are involved in. We encourage children to explore their world freely and engage in many learning experiences and activities that promote the importance of friendships and the building of relationships within their community. We believe children learn the most through their play as they learn independence, personal choice and how to value their learning and friendships formed with continual guidance and support from their inspiring educators. It is important that we continuously value the attributes of others, such as families’ beliefs and understanding and community support and include this continuously within our program as we believe children are most inspired by the recognition of others and feel most important when it relates to them. Happy Hours Preschool believes in continually providing an environment that inspires all and welcome the many inspiring paths to learning.