Happy Hours Preschool and full Day Care Centre

Happy Hours Preschool is located in SEVEN HILLS, NSW and caters as a full day centre. We provide a centre that encourages acceptance and multiculturalism, provides children freedom to be themselves and sharing their individual beliefs and characteristics. We view children as individual who have so much to offer to this world as they work their way towards development and progress. Our professional and qualified staff continuously work towards achieving an educational program focused on developmental domains. Social/emotional, physical, spiritual, problem solving and language are some of the major developmental domains, which we encourage in the centre. This leads our children to be positively involved in, as they explore and lead their path to a better future. A major and extremely valued attribute in our centre is continual family and community support and involvement. We believe this has aided in the children’s positive acceptance of one another and who they are as individuals. We believe our centre opens many doors for a better future for all children as they growing confidence, taking bigger and bigger steps to a path that is their own. See the glimpses of fun-filled activities in our Gallery section or Contact us for your child-care needs..

Full Day Care

Our full day centre caters to every child's need in a personalised manner. Our trained staff are able to look after children from 0 months up to preschoolers.

Turtle Room

Turtle room caters to infants and toddlers from the age of 0 months to 3 years. We have perfect staff to children ration to ensure that every child receives the required personalised attention. We ensure the infants and toddlers dietary requirements are met for their growth and development.

Dolphin Room

Children in Dolphin room has all the excitement of growing and learning. Here our trained staff ensure that your child has all the required education as a preschooler and are ready to start Kindergarten schooling. We ensure that they have a healthy growth, harmonious development and learn to be independent all along with various activities and scrumptious meals.